Water Rescue Snake Sling


The Water Rescue Snake Sling is a versatile piece of kit that can be kept in your PFD or waist tube, ready to deploy instantly. The high visibility colours make it much easier to spot in a water environment.

It has a 50mm sewn eye at each end so that a karabiner can be easily clipped if required. With potential uses as a towline, rescue sling, throw line, etc, the Water Rescue Snake Sling is the perfect addition to your paddling kit.


  • Available in 18mm & 25mm widths.
  • Standard length 4m. Other lengths available on request.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 18mm-16kN, 25mm- 22kN.
  • Material: polyester

Colour Choices:

  • Hi vis yellow
  • Hi vis orange
  • Hi vis Reflective yellow (25mm sling only)
  • Hi vis Reflective orange (25mm sling only)
  • Other colours available on request.

Please Note:- This is not a PPE rated product and should not be used as one.

Product Codes:

18mm Snake Sling: S0020
25mm Snake Sling: S0021

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