Rescue Strop


The Rescue Strop has a split chest design enabling the strop to be threaded around and under the casualty’s arms to reduce the chance of disturbing the surrounding ground.

The adjustment loops on the chest give it a large range of sizes from very young children to adults. The adjustment on the legs allows the wearer to be in a range of positions from vertical to sitting.

The Rescue Strop is ideal for lifting into a sitting position a person who is hanging in a fall arrest Harness. thereby reducing the risk of suspension trauma. The strop can also be used for lifting people from water in a horizontal position and therefore reducing the possibility of shock.



  • 9mm closed cell laminated foam padding and 44mm high quality polyester webbing
  • Three adjustment loops
  • Back pull handle for helicopter loading
  • Anodised alloy twist lock karabiner for rapid connection on the waist
  • Size Range: 76cm- 130cm chest circumference


  • 44mm high grade polyester webbing split leg loops
  • Two anodized alloy twist lock karabiners for rapid connection around legs to central ring
  • Easy buckle adjustment from vertical to sit position and visa versa


  • Main lift connection: Large delta maillon
  • Weight: 1.35kg
  • Rated to 150kg casualty weight

Product Codes:

Rescue Strop: H0050

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