A-B Descender


The A-B Descender is designed for industrial rope access, technical rescue and intervention. It has a rated maximum load of 300kg, suitable for 2 people & kit.

The handle can be used in squeeze-to-go mode, or can be flipped down for extra leverage and more precision. The handle is spring loaded to return to the storage position when not in use.

The A-B features a Panic Grab Brake (PGB), which may be disengaged if the user requires a fast descent (e.g. Intervention).

The A-B conforms to EN12841-C as a stand-alone rope adjustment device (descender). It also conforms to EN341-B (descenders for rescue), which is for use as part of a system and must be used with the type of rope with which it was tested.


  • Max Load: 300kg
  • Rope: 10.5mm to 12.5mm kernmantle
  • Min. Static Slip: 4.5kN on 10.5mm x 22 plait rope
  • Alloy plates with stainless steel fittings & cam
  • Weight: 442g

Sample tests:

  • Min. Static Slip: 4.5kN 10.5mm x 22 plait
  • Route 44 Singing rock, 5.5kN 24 plait SAR. 8kN 12.5mm x 20 plait Cousin
  • Dynamic impact and slip distance 100kg FF1-1M: 10.5mm = 5.1kN & 51cm 6.2kN & 26cm, 12.5mm = 7kN & 15cm

Product Codes:

Gold A-B: RA002
Black A-B: RA002B
NSN: 4240-99-244-1085

How to load rope into the A-B Descender:

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