Bungee Ankle Harnesses


An extremely popular product with professional bungee companies, the Bungee Ankle Harness was developed by us following a request for an alternative to towels and slings wrapped around the jumper’s ankles.

The Bungee Ankle Harness is available in 2 models – Standard and Single. The Standard is a one-piece harness with a central attachment point, while the Single is supplied as 2 separate pads which are then linked via the D-rings.

As there is no British or European Standard for this type of restraint harness, it has been fully tested to a static load of 20kN (the standard for other types of restraint harnesses is 15kN). However, as this is a restraint harness only, we strongly recommend that it is used in conjunction with a full body harness that is compliant to the standards within the relevant country (eg. EN361).


  • Static strength: 20kN
  • SAR-ABS buckle system
  • Magnetic webbing tidies
  • High quality polyester webbing
  • Close cell laminated foam ankle pads
  • Large range of adjustment
  • Standard Harness – Weight: 506g
  • Single Harness – Weight: 1.05kg

Product Codes:

Standard Bungee Ankle Harness: RS004
Single Bungee Ankle Harness: RS004S

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