Merlin Chest Harness


The Merlin Chest Harness and Link Sling have been designed to be used with any of the SAR sit harnesses for added comfort and protection to form a full body harness format. They have been designed to be used for climbing and mountaineering. 

The front loops can be used with a Link Sling or karabiner threaded through and then connected to the sit harness to keep the user in an upright sitting position when connected.

The Merlin Chest Harness MUST NOT be used on its own. 


  • Fully adjustable
  • Wrap around cross fitting
  • Interlocking fixed shoulder buckle system
  • High quality polyester webbing
  • Supplied with Link Sling
  • Weight: Chest 318g – Link Sling 50g

Product Codes:

Merlin Chest Harness: H0071

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