Dyneema slings


Dyneema slings offer a better strength to weight ratio than standard polyester or nylon slings, as well as higher UV and abrasion resistance.

Available in 11mm and 15mm, our Dyneema slings are the perfect choice for those looking to save weight while still maintaining optimal strength and durability for rescue or industrial use.

Sling Lengths: The advertised length of twin eye slings is the working length (measured end to end). The advertised length of circular slings is the circumference – this should be halved to give the working length (measured end to end).


  • Rated load of 22kN for 11mm, 30kN for 15mm
  • High grade Dyneema/ polyester mix
  • Individual serial number
  • Size variations available on request.

Colour Choices:

  • 11mm: blue & white
  • 15mm: red & white

Product Codes:

11mm Twin Eye Slings:

  • 10cm: D11-10TE
  • 20cm: D11-20TE
  • 30cm: D11-30TE

11mm Circular Slings:

  • 60cm: D11-60C
  • 120cm: D11-120C
  • 240cm: D11-240C

15mm Twin Eye Slings:

  • 10cm: D15-10TE
  • 20cm: D15-20TE
  • 30cm: D15-30TE

15mm Circular Slings:

  • 60cm: D15-60C
  • 120cm: D15-120C
  • 240cm: D15-240C

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