The Rocker is designed primarily as a safety back-up in two-rope systems (industrial rope access, technical rescue, etc), as a fall arrest device in the event of main line failure.

It is suitable for use as a back-up in a 2-person rescue scenario, as it is rated to 200kg.

To be used as a EN12814-A (safety line adjustment device) back-up, the Rocker must be connected to the upper (sternal/chest) connection point on the user’s harness. We recommend it is used with our 10cm Rocker Sling Assembly (see page 23).

The Rocker may also be used as part of a flexible line fall arrest set-up on a ladder/tower, as a pulley brake for hauling, or in many other situations.

We strongly recommend that technicians are trained in the use of the Rocker.


  • Fall arrest back up device
  • Work positioning locking device
  • Horizontal safety line absorbing anchor
  • Rope Access & Rescue safety back-up
  • Pulley brake
  • Ascender
  • Belay brake


  • Average static load: 3.5kN
  • Max dynamic impact: 5.9kN
  • Static strength: 15kN
  • Max dynamic impact: 200kg 5.7kN
  • Max Static 350kg
  • Material high strength alloy with hard anodising on cams
  • Weight: 169g

Product Codes:

Gold Rocker: RA003
Black Rocker: RA003B
NSN: 4240-99-820-0579

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