RAD – Work Positioning Lanyard


Our Rope Adjustment Device (RAD) Work Positioning Lanyard evolved from our A-B Descender. Both multi functional devices, the RAD is smaller, lighter and has been tested to and conforms with more European Standards for a wider variety of applications. 

This means that the RAD can be used as a stand alone device in many more environments, therefore reducing the need for multiple devices and increased cost. 

The swivel plate screw can be removed and the device opened for changing damaged rope, or for fitting onto a descent rope. 

The RAD Work Positioning Lanyard is supplied with our 11mm Low Stretch Rope, with a sewn eye at one end and a sewn stopper at the other. It can be supplied to any length on request, with any of our EN362 connectors. 

The RAD can be used in many environments where an adjustable lanyard, pole strap/rope or restraint is required.


  • Static strength of 15kN
  • Average static load with above rope before creep 4kN
  • Material: High strength alloy plates and handle with stainless steel cam and spindles
  • RAD colour: Black
  • Weight: 315g + 80g per metre of rope
  • Length variations available on request

Colour Choice of Rope: 

  • White & Red
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Red & Black
  • Black

Product Codes:

With no connectors:

2m: RAD-2M   3m: RAD-3M   4m:RAD-4M   5m: RAD-5M

With Alloy Hook:

2m: RAD-2MH   3m: RAD-3MH   4m:RAD-4MH   5m: RAD-5MH

With Scaffold Hook:

2m: RAD-2MS   3m: RAD-3MS   4m:RAD-4MS   5m: RAD-5MS

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