Bevelling system UZ30 Express

  • Powerful, stationary bevelling and deburring machine for the efficient bevelling of flat steel, plates and profile material.
  • For all carbon steels, cast iron, aluminium and light metal alloys, non-ferrous metals and all cuttable materials.
  • The feed permits bevel machining without tight camping of the workpiece.
  • The swiveling milling spindle permits a milling angle within a continuous range of 30° - 60°.
  • Regulation of feed speed and cutting tool
  • Option to buy additional accessories such a milling devide for pipes, table extension left and right (total 2800 mm) with adjustable sidestops left and right

Technical data:

  • Bevel angle: Infinitely adjustable within the range from 30°to 60°
  • Bevel width: 0 to 30mm ˂ 400 N/mm2 - 0 to 15mm ˃ 400 N/mm2
  • Cutter motor: 4kW
  • Speed: 0-5500 rpm
  • Tool diameter: Ø 94mm
  • Number of indexable inserts: 5 pieces
  • Thickness of the material: 2 - 100 mm
  • Feed motor: 0,45kW
  • Feed speed: 0,6-3,5m/min
  • Feed motor:400V /50Hz, 3phase, speed 0,6-3,5m/min
  • Minimum workpiece dimensions: L=60mm, W=20mm
  • Dimensions: 825 x 1200 x 1615 mm
  • Weight: 400kg
  • Working height: 1,000mm
  • Pipe treatment: Ø 102-156mm

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