Bevelling system UZ 29 SPEEDER
Maximum bevel width 29 mm / 1.14 in.
Automatic feed.

Bevel width18 mm / 0.7 in - in first cut by feeding speed 1.8 m/min. / 5.9 ft/min.

UZ29 SPEEDER machine is one of the largest and most powerful machines in the field of rotary cutting bevelling machines.
The machine is equipped with an automatic feed and can be used as a stationary machine designed for large and small volumes of smaller workpieces.
At the same time it can be used as a mobile bevelling system when the machine moves along the machined steel sheet at a rare of almost two meters per minute.
The UZ29 SPEEDER machine is capable of machining both, standard and stainless steel.
The machine has a supersilent drive not increasing the noice at the workplace.

In addition it is possible to flip the entire machining unit upside down and create bevels for X and K form of the welds without handling machined material.
This application is made possible by the rotary mechanism of the 3D manipulator, which is a standard machine equipment.

  • For conventional steel (up to strength 700 MPa / 101 526 PSI), stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminium materials.
  • The bevelled material thickness 6 to 60 mm /0.23 to 2.36 in.
  • The bevel angle can be adjusted by removable arms (KIT for a given angle).
  • The device is able to perform the double-sided bevel (X, K), without any need for material handling.
  • Suprisingly silent drive.
  • The machine is equipped with the automatic feed.
  • The possibility of stationary and mobile use.
  • 3D Manipulator allows to adapt UZ29 Speeder for any unevenness of deformations in the length of machined material. It also allows to work on uneven floor.
  • Smaller parts of the material are inserted directly into the machine.
  • One-man machine.

Technical data:
Max. bevel width:
0 to 29 mm / 0 to 1.14 in < 400 MPa / 58 015 PSI
0 to 25 mm [≈ 1 inch] / 0 to 1 in > 400 MPa /58 015 PSI
Bevel angle:
30°; 45°; 22,5°; 37,5°; 50° (replaceable KIT)
The thickness of the bevel. material:
6 – 60 mm / 0.23 to 2.36 in
Motor: 1500 W
Feed rate:
1,8 m/min. / 6 ft/min.
205 kg / 452 lb
1010 x 745 x 1326 mm
39.76 x 29.33 x 52.2 in

Included it the price:

  • Bevelling system UZ29 SPEEDER
  • Tools for an operator
  • User manual








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