Double Sided High Speed Beveler UZ 18 HardWorker, variable angle adjustment (maximum bevel width 18 mm/0,70". Automatic feed)

The UZ 18 Hardworker machine is one of the most powerful DOUBLE SIDED PLATE BEVELER with the automatic feed in the market. It is suitable not only for workshops, but also for assembly operations. It has a continuous working angle adjustment system. Thanks to the special design of the drive system, the UZ 18 Hardworker is also suitable for tougher materials. During development, the emphasis was on high-quality processing of each part. Machine frame is made of steel, aluminum alloy worm gearbox, aluminium alloy cabinet. The machine is equipped with the automatic feed. Working with UZ 18 Hardworker is therefore very comfortable.

  • For steel (strength up to 700 MPa), brass, copper and aluminium.
  • For bevelling material with minimum dimensions - width 70 mm/2,76", length 150 mm/5,91", thickness 6 mm/0,24".
  • Thickness of bevelled material 6 - 40 mm/0,23"-1,58".
  • The bevel angle is easily adjustable from 15° to 50° - smoothly, without the need to replace any part.
  • The equipment is capable of performing double-sided bevelling (X, K) without the need for material handling.
  • Easy connecting to the 3D Manipulator for easier operation and handling.
  • The machine is equipped with an automatic feed.
  • The possibility of stationary and mobile use.
  • The machine works on large workpieces without support.
  • Smaller parts of the material are inserted directly into the machine.
  • An advantageous price when purchasing UZ 18 Hardworker together with the 3D Manipulator.


  • Unique MANIPULATOR 3D - unique design of the manipulator offers the possibility of a simple turning of the beveling machine by 180 ° for performing the X, K double-sided bevel. No tools required to rotate. No need for material handling = significant time savings.
  • The quick-connect system offers the option to connect and disconnect the UZ 18 Hardworker from the 3D Manipulator within seconds without the use of any tools. You will appreciate this in a situation where the 3D Manipulator cannot follow the machine due to the poor quality of the working floor.
  • The machine is then able to travel along the material itself. The 3D manipulator system allows for the machine to adapt its working position to the actual workplace situation.
  • The UZ 18 Hardworker “floats” on a machined sheet metal and compensates for any floor unevenness or material deformation.
  • The 3D manipulator also ensures convenient transport of the machine at the workplace.
  • The lifting mechanism allows for easy adjustment of the working height of the machine.
  • Large castors guarantee comfortable overcoming of obstacles and unevenness.
  • Optional working with or without 3D Manipulator.
  • The option to use the 3D Manipulator as a fixed workstation for small work pieces machining or as a UZ 18 Hardworker Service Holder.

Technical data:
Max. bevel width: 18 mm (600 MPa)
Continuously adjustable angle: 15° - 50°
Thickness of bevel. material: 6 - 40 mm
Engine: 750 W / 380 V
Feed: 1,9 m/min.
Weight: 110 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 43,8 x 71,9 x 64,4 cm

Included in price:

  • Bevelling system UZ 18 Hardworker
  • Tools for operators
  • Instruction manual

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