Power Seamer K9-1-ERB

Power Seamer K9-1-ERB

Power Seamer K9-1 ERB can close round profiles straight, tapered, convex or concave profiles of many manufacturers. The seamer has an ingenious pressure adjustment. The pressure can be adjusted variable, to achieve an optimum closed seam.

Working speed of the machine is variable, from 9-18 m/min, whereby a remote control (optional) can be assembled to the machine, especially for working on a steep roof or vertical wall.

For example:
Round profile nominal diameter closed: 20 mm, minimum panel width: from 230 mm and 48-65 mm profile height of all current suppliers. Supporting legs are adjustable.

As an option, a remote control K9-1KF can be assembled to the seamer. This remote control is ideal to close a panel on the facade or wall, convenient from the ground. It can be used on top of the roof to close barrel curved or vaulted panels. Due to the remote control for forward, stop and reverse operation, the operator can back up the seamer to the starting point, without to proceed to the machine.

In the reverse operation, automatically the dead man’s handle is activated. Therefore the START-Button must be pressed in the reverse operation at all times, to activate the machine. This is for safety reasons.

  • No damage to painted or coated sheets.
  • For profile heights from 48 - 65 mm.
  • Variable working speed:  9 -18 m/min.
  • Clean transitions at the clips, due to disc - spring-washer technology (aligns itself on thicker materials).
  • Variable pressure adjustment K9-1-ASS for an optimum seam.
  • Barrel shaped – or vaulted roofs, a radius from 2,0 meter and up can be closed.
  • Can be used in the middle or removed from the seam.
  • To dismantle for restoration, repair, or to open up a seam, use the Fold Opening Roll K9-1-ERB-AR.
  • As an option, Remote Control K9-1-KF, for forward-stop-reverse operation.

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