New profiling machine DIPRO P7200 Intuitive profiling at industrial scale

The DIPRO P7200 belongs to the new generation of profilers started with the DIPRO P5400. Replacing the DIPRO 2SPV, this high-end machine is dedicated to biggest workshops and roofers working a lot in standing seam.


Main improvements

This new profiling machine offers a new touch screen much more ergonomic and intuitive, with a quick start mode for a quick start, and an expert mode allowing the realization of bins and hips in series and in a given order in order to save time in the preparation of the site. This 7-inch touchscreen is usable with gloves.

The profiling train of the DIPRO P7200 has been completely revised to allow exhaustive use without any tools:

  • Passage of all materials and thicknesses: the rollers automatically adapt to the thickness of the sheet thanks to the profiling system mounted on springs
  • Tool-free configuration change: the setting of the stops to avoid profiling one side or the other is now done without tools

The adjustment of the profiling train makes it possible to obtain a 180 mm wide bottom of the pan particularly suitable for cladding.

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