Motorized shear 3m


  • Precision and ease of use as well as the capacity to work in series. Multi-material : cts any type of metal with ease. Robust design with easy to use foot operated action and offcut recovery tray.

TRADE : Metal
ACTION : to cut

Technical Description

Lower 3 phase 380v Front table with extendable table Catch tray for cut-offs Toothed rack rear table Graduated table to allow quick and accurate positioning of the sheet Pre-cut clamping system Blades made of hight tensile steel Twin action pedal to clamp the sheet and actuate the cut


Acier 400 N/mm² - 1 mm

Alu A5 1/2 dur H24 - 1,2 mm

Cuivre 1/4 dur - 1 mm

Inox 470 N/mm² - 0,8 mm

Zinc - 1,6 mm

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