WUKO Uber Bender Duo 7350

  • the long double version for long panels
  • equipped with a second pair of angled bending discs
  • handle for quick and easy bending of long, straight panels
  • the ideal tool for clean bending up to/over 90°
  • for the protection of delicate materials
  • ideal for spring back materials
  • bending along longitudinal beadings
  • delivered in a carrying case.

Technical Data

Name Value
Bending capacity 0,8 mm (24 ga) (for all common materials)
Bending height 6‒350 mm (¼‒14)
Weight 3,6 kg (7.9 lbs)

Product variations

Item no. Description
1008309 Uber Bender Duo 7350 with cm scale
1008325 Uber Bender Duo 7350 with inch scale
1013051 Uber Bender Duo 7350+ with cm scale
incl. Plus-Set
1013077 Uber Bender Duo 7350+ with inch scale
incl. Plus-Set


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