2 m LAGOON® bending machine


  • Significant productivity gain thanks to the functionalities allowing repetitive work
  • Creates all types of folds, even the most complex
  • Versatile, complete and scalable: ability to fold, cut and hem
  • Comfort, flexibility and safety: easy shaping for operator comfort
  • Best apron-upper beam mass ratio on the market
  • Best value for money on the market.

TRADE : Metal
ACTION : to cut, to fold, to bead

Technical Description

Ideal for all folds Numerous adjustment possibilities: apron tensioning device, upper beam pressure adjusted with bearings, etc. Scalable according to your needs (optional extras): rear table, motorised or manual cutting, angle stop, back gauge, 3-piece aluminum beading tool, etc. Folding assisted by two gas cyclinders, as well as the large and robust apron. Notch to compress the clamp at 180°. 14 mm upper beam opening. Side clearances of 30 mm. Flexible, very wide and very accessible pedal


Length - 2220 mm

Width - 640 mm

Top - 1050 mm


Acier 400 N/mm² - 1 mm

Alu A5 1/2 dur H24 - 1,2 mm

Cuivre 1/4 dur - 1 mm

Inox 470 N/mm² - 0,8 mm

Zinc - 1,6 mm

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